Green and Root and Briony Greenhill

The BackRoom, 1984 Bonita Ave. /University Ave. , Berkeley

What to expect Doors at 7:00 show at 7:30 All Ages

Any gardener can avow, where there's green, there is root. Green and Root are beautiful in their compliment, nourishing one another and bringing forth an abundance of fruit and seed. The same can be said for the creative harvest of recording artists Green and Root.

"Green and Root's songs and performance are surprisingly original, especially perceptive and undeniably concentrated." We The People" Sonoma.

Since leaving the Bay Area in 2017 Briony Greenhill has moved to the UK, released an album that was featured in The Guardian, Mojo, BBC Radio 3 and 4, and even pleased her mother with a spot on Woman's Hour. (It's a British thing.) (She's also helped to spread vocal improvisation around the UK, co-founded the UK's Vocal Improv festival, and helped a little bit to create the world's wonderful new global vocal improvisation network - The Well).

Now she's mama to baby Robin; and with Robin came a whole new body of work on what it is to bring a child into these times. This collection, Anthropocene Motherhood is now morphing into the name Symbiocene Mama - because let's hope that this time of wicked problems morphs us into a new phase of symbiosis between all of life: The Symbiocene :). Let's mother that!

Tickets $20 - $30 sliding (n.o.t.a.f.l.o.f.)

Briony is a folk-soul improvisational artist, using voice-piano improvisation as a means of composition. "Briony's voice touches something so deep inside, something that's hard to communicate as a parent of a young one in this world at this time. Her tone is enchanting, old and unique, and her lyrics speak poetry to the unspeakable - the unique experience of being awake and aware to the plight of the world, but trying to live in joy and action, purpose and care. She has something special to say. And the way she brings it to parenting makes it especially unique for us - who struggle to feel a sense of community and shared experience with others. For a short time, her art gave us that." - Abel Pearson

"Greenhill's jazzy, languid lyrics groove on the healing beauty of song, the planet and your own heart and soul, like Marvin Gaye crossed with a funky Earth mother... This is sensual music that, if you want them, could give extra reasons to live." - Mojo

$20-30 sliding scale