1. Naiveté

From the recording Down That Road

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Green – vocals, acoustic guitar
Ellen Seeling – flugelhorn



Something collapsed between me and you yesterday
I’m ok with that, something drew down
Chewed me up, spit me out

I read and reread your words, trying to take them in
Between my pounding heartbeats
I cannot ignore you, dismiss or hate you
Cause I love you

Your words sear into my flesh
Feeble, naïve, insensitive

It was a tentative bridge I know
Built over years of patience and distance
What silly differences ever divided us?

Now you attack me and I want to spit right back at you
Point out all your failings,
Your own n
aiveté, naiveté, naiveté

But now is not the time for that
If I attack you what hope is there?

The bridge between you and me is fragile shaky
But the acid waters beneath us
Are surely a violent death

Help me find the peace in our difference,
Our grief and searching
In our naiveté, naiveté, naiveté

An eye for an eye and we all go blind