1. Not So Thick

From the recording Down That Road

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Green – vocals, acoustic guitar
Anna Root Musco – harmony vocal
Ben Wisch – wurlizter
Paul Van Wageningen – drums
Mark Van Wageningen – electric bass
Irina Rivkin – harmony composition


Not So Thick

I’m scared, her embrace is so cautious
And I have always counted on her to bring me back.
Well I don’t think I can do this on my own
It’s without will that I pull away, shy against this perceived prison.
Well, just today I asked myself, am I in love with her anymore?
We haven’t touched soft in two weeks;
Is that why the air between us is

So thick like salt waves
Instead of air or nothing, light sound making skin thin
Not so thick like your tears
That I brush with my lips, wanting you to sink back into me again

I feel like that caged bird singing
I want to fly out away, or to her
Well I keep flying to her and enter confusing caves
And I feel trapped again
Moonbeams sunk into rock above our heads
Bones buried in the walls, history surrounding us, our history and pain, it’s


Teach me to pour like rain, open like the sea
Teach me to flow like starlight, hold power like a tree
Teach me to love everything, to remain solid yet absolutely fluid

Cause I believe we can do this together
Fly on out of here as we heal each other
My head believes in rock walls not water
My heart knows all about water’s penetrating nature
Let’s merge the two together, add some sun and care and love
Plant our seeds and watch them grow…
Where it’s not so thick… where it’s