1. Ronnie

From the recording Down That Road

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Green – vocals, acoustic guitar
Nina Gerber – lead acoustic guitar



At 3 am 4 shots popped through
my dreams into my ears,
outside my window, just right there
I was paralyzed with fear

There was no scream, no speeding car
just silence in the dark
And still I couldn’t move ‘til I heard
the door slam of a police car

Out of bed, I shook as I walked
across the foyer floor
“A man’s down”, they said, he wasn’t moving
in front of my garage door

Oh god I thought, this can’t be real
please let it not be real
The flashlights just searched my yard for casings
while the figure lay perfectly still

Shining bright, a brilliant Leo, his light in the face
of all the darkness that tried to pull him in
The dealers and the gangsters couldn’t have his lion heart
Did they take him down rather than let him live his part?

Today Dee the mail lady told me
he got shot 4 times in the back
Then he ran around the corner and
in front of his house he collapsed

His father looked out in time
to see him fall and ran outside
He was there the moment when
his last son slipped to the other side.

I want to paint a mural where he died
of a sun colorful, bright and clear
to scare away the darkness
to remind us he’s still here

To show the sun and moon
that we are not afraid of death
but we’ll miss sweet Ronnie Easiley
and we’ll mourn his untimely rest.