1. Marrying You

From the recording Down That Road

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Green – vocals, acoustic guitar
Libby McLaren – accordion


Marrying You

Marrying you is like finding the perfect pair of shoes
And hoping they’ll fit forever
Marrying you is believing that everyday I’ll wake up in white sheets
Warmed beyond my own cocoon of blood and bone

Marrying you is scary; it’s lucky and confusing

Marrying you is building this house of wax and wood,
Color and quiet, hope and holy
Marrying you is something I’ve never done before and
Hope to never do again, at least not with anyone else

Marrying you is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done

I get to wear the most beautiful dress
I hope our friends and family love us as we love them
I hope they come, I hope they have fun
Cause this day is for everyone

Marrying you if full of to do lists and appointments
It’s a massive river we’re swimming in, sometimes drowning in
Marrying you is floating judgment off our backs on to the shore
Hoping it doesn’t slap some other pair as they float by

The straight people say…
“Huh, two women getting married, how unusual.”
And the gay people say…
“Why do you want to imitate straight culture anyway?”

If they tell me that I’m brainwashed, I’ll say it’s washed alright

With so much warmth, I couldn’t stay cold
So much comfort, I couldn’t stay alone
So much love I just couldn’t say no.