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From the recording Down That Road

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Green – vocals, acoustic guitar
Anna Root Musco – harmony vocal
Ben Wisch – wurlizter
Paul Van Wageningen – drums
Nelson Braxton – electric bass
Shelley Doty – slide guitar, lead acoustic guitar
Andrea Pritchett – harmony composition



Some days I find no peace of mind
We work so hard showing each other up, yeah
Showing each other up down all around; there’s work to be done
No time for stopping and having fun no, no no

But if you notice that deep down inside
That there’s something you’re tired of trying to hide
Come to me baby,
I’ll give you somewhere to call home

After all these years I still can’t get enough of you
But I regret sometimes, you’re at the end of the queue
Please don’t let me stay distracted for too long
You’re the best thing about my life, the inspiration for my song


Where the grass is green and the air is clean
And the heart beats strong and hot
Where you know what I mean when I tell you my dreams
And your touch just hits the spot