Green and Root... We love our outdoor digs and playing music in the garden is such a delight, so naturally it was just a matter of time before it occurred to us that we could easily combine the garden with our music and fellow singer songwriters on a garden stage. It was a full on yes, yes for both of us and we couldn't believe that we hadn't thought of it sooner. So here is our very first offering and bringing our dream into reality. We envision each performer with a 20-30 minute best of, or latest greatest creation. Our garden has seating for 50 people with social distancing, including the performers so this will be a very intimate outdoor house concert. We are hoping to offer a show monthly, so sign our mailing list to get the earliest announcements for our next pop up or talk to us about doing a pop up in your garden. I hope the dahlias last, they have been so stunning this year.

Weather permitting, otherwise we will reschedule the show for the first Saturday in November. Teens and kids, besides being very lovely, are welcome and free provided they bring a responsible adult. Till then, enjoy the much needed rain!