Song Writing
Each song from the Green and Root collection depicts a rite of passage delivered with honesty and passion.  Together they take their listeners on a journey through universal yet unique life experiences.  Departing from an insecure innocence, traveling to deep jungles and dreams within their hearts, they reach a humble ecstatic destination. "I feel like I've developed a lot as a songwriter," Green says.  “Multi-Headed Heart, my first album, was more about unrequited love and came from a more naive place. Our second album, Down That Road is more like a book of short stories: the death of my mother, our marriage, the environment, war and peace.  Our new album Rise reaches even deeper to more vulnerable universal themes and experiences of love, intimacy and acceptance.”



Their music arrives on the shoulders of many great influences, Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLaughlan and The Smiths to name a few.  Green’s soprano voice is  clear and refreshing while her melodies are capricious yet with a destination, capturing the ability to surprise without leading you on a wild goose chase.  Root pursues Green’s lead vocals with her silky alto harmonies inspired by the impressions left on their young ears by Simon and Garfunkel, Indigo Girls and The Roches. ‘Green and Root are ‘surprisingly original, especially perceptive and undeniably concentrated.”We The People” Sonoma.  As a guitar player, Green has developed her own style of playing her Martin HD28.  Merging her classical and flamenco training with the influences of Ani DiFranco’s funk rhythm, the popular virtuoso finger styles of Emily Salliers and the beautiful pop sensibilities of the Beatles, she has created her own unique groove of finger, rhythm and chordal technique.

Do we ever need a Master? 

Yes, we need to master our new album Rise!  But where?  We loved mastering Down That Road at Capital Records in LA and it seems like the groove is deep enough and pulling us in that direction again.  We'll keep you posted!

Not So Something  Podcast

Wow!  Mimi Fox was right!  It is nearly impossible to continue being recording artists when you have a couple of kiddos to follow around.  Luckily though the technology is much improved over what we were contending with for our last album release! So... we are going to try to do both.  This latest batch of songs that have come through and been recorded have been simmering on the back burner for a couple of years now, aging, like fine wine and children.  We recorded most of these gems when Green was pregnant with our little guy who turns 3 in a couple of months.  These songs are deserving of some air time and attention. So here goes. Our next foray into the music scene!  We are so excited to get back on the pony and so thankful that there is someone out there like you who has had their interest sparked. We are hoping to launch an indie campaign next month and will have word on the developing album "Rise."


  1. Not So Thick
S man person technology music

Yes, we need to master our new album rise! But where? We loved mastering Down That Road at Capital Records in LA and it seems like the groove is deep enough and pulling us in that direction again. We'll keep you posted!

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Wildcat Canyon Playing the SubT Arthouse

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